Friday, February 27, 2009

Preschool Pictures

One nice surprise this morning was getting her preschool pictures.
It only took 1 week!!!
I can't believe she is starting kindergarten next year.
Time really does fly!!
Preschool at the YMCA has been wonderful.
Ms. Esther and all the teachers are awesome!
On Picture Day I packed play clothes also, so she could change and go on with her day of playing outside and painting and just being a messy kid. Well, when I went to pick her up Ms. Esther told me that Lauren changed before her pictures and she didn't catch her in time!! OH! was all I said (while thinking...crap). Then, of course she started laughing!! She got me!! I can't wait until Cole starts next fall..see who is laughing then!!!

No morning people around here!!

All cozy in our beds and not wanting to get up.....left us about 30 minutes behind this morning. Which isn't so bad. It just means Lauren will eat breakfast at home instead of at Preschool. While I was trying to get her up and going. She is moaning about having to go to school so much. Oh Honey!! What are we going to do next year when we have to go every morning??? I'm not looking forward to that either!!

Next, the nice police officer felt the need to pull me over for going 38 in at 25!!!!!! I don't know which was worse getting a ticket or having to listen to a 3 and 5 year old while waiting.....


Mommy why did he take your licenses.... He stole your license mommy.

It's okay, he just wanted some information from it. He will bring it back.

Are you going to jail mommy??

(lauren reassures him) NO, if mommy goes to jail then we all have to go to jail with her.

Mommy, I don't want to go to jail! (cries Cole)

No one is going to jail!! I assure them!!

Are you getting another ticket?? asks Lauren

NO!! The other was just a warning!!

So, now you have a warning and a ticket???

Yes, Lauren!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reality TV

Ok, I'm going to admit I (along with millions) watch probably more reality tv than I would like to fess up to. The funny thing is I don't watch much t.v. When I do, it is these stupid reality series So, I decided to Blog about a couple of my favorites and keep the other one's I don't want to admit to quite for now. And to see what YOU think??

1. The Bachelor.. Ever since DeAnna dumped Jason... I had to see how Jason would do this season. I was shocked to see he sent Jillian home on last nights show. WOW.. I did not see that coming. And, then to see that DeAnna is coming back around... what is up with that???

2. American Idol....It was horrible tonight!! What was Jackie thinking wearing those black spandex pants. She should be kicked off just for that!! Poor Casey.. She is adorable, but it was like she had never sang a song in her life. I had to fast forward thru a couple of those performaces. Not that I could do any better, but I'm not sing for the world on t.v. either. I really like Danny!!

3. Dancing with the Stars... I can't wait for the next season to start!!

And thank you to whoever came up with the DVR. I would rather record the show and watch it later in half the time without all the commericals.

Enjoying the small stuff!!

It is nice to see them enjoying the little things!!
Since I had to work all weekend we had our Valentine's on Monday.
Cole loves puppy dogs!!
Have you ever seen a girl so happy about a cookie!!
Cole lines EVERY thing up!!
He always has ever since he was little!

He kept giving his Spiderman chocolates little kisses!!
Oh My!!

Lauren's Valentine's Party

Lauren had her Valentine's Day party on Friday.
Here they all are waiting patiently for the party to begin!!Bryson made an awesome Sponge Bob box!!

Lauren had a lot of fun going through all the cards!!

Cole came with me and was such a good boy!!
He was entertained at this play center almost the entire time
and didn't pay attention to the party going on right beside him!!
Finally, he decided to have a seat next to Lauren
and enjoy a cupcake. These cupcakes smelled
sooooo good!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nancy Grace

As I'm heading to bed, I vowing not to watch Nancy Grace (for awhile anyway). I got hooked on the whole Caylee Anthony story so when I flipped the channel to see what she was talking about tonight...... It was about a 5 year old girl taken out of her own bed in the middle of the night. My heart just sank!! I can't stand it............... It is horrible, horrible, horrible!!!!! So as I double check my doors, pull the covers up over the kids and say a little prayer. I know, by not watching her show doesn't make the world any better.

Monday, February 9, 2009

This weekend flew by!!

I was excited to actually have the entire weekend off. We had so much planned to do, it just flew by. It was a fast 3 days!

We started Friday off by going over to my sister's house to celebrate Uncle Todd's Birthday. We will just say he's 40ish. Colton was excited all day, although I think it was more about the cake than anything!! He wanted to be absolutely sure Grandma was taking the cake over there!!!

Happy Birthday Todd!!

Then Saturday came and Lauren had 3 parties on the schedule. I thought what the heck!! We ended up only doing 2!! We started at the bowling alley and ended up at the Kangaroo House ( a big building filled with these huge bouncy things) It was a fun day!

Lauren and The Birthday Girl!!
Happy Birthday Shayne

I love bowling shoes!!

Colton wanted a piece of the action, but he played games instead while sis partied!!

Look at that form!!
An hour later.......the ball finally struck the pins!!
We went out for lunch at one of our favorite mexican places Del Rio. Then, I tried to find Lauren some new shoes, apparently everyone is a size 11 right now. Something I was hoping to just run in and get, ended up taking what seemed like forever!!
That evening we decided to make Lauren's Valentine's Box for school and Colton decided to make a new picture for the fridge!!

After I wrapped the box she did the rest and had a ball!!
I was surprised how she wanted each side to match!!