Thursday, July 8, 2010

Red, White and Branson!!

I can't even remember Mike and I ever having time off around the 4th of July to celebrate and take the kids to see fireworks. I was very excited to find the Branson Landing was having their show on the 3rd and a concert which was a tribute band to Journey.  I had to do a little begging, but Mike gave in!! 

While we were walking around we decided
 to let the kids do a little building.....

Mike took Cole to shop where
you can build your own car

Lauren and I went to check out
Build A Bear.....

As soon as she saw the Mint Chocolate Chip Bear
She knew it was the one!!
Her favorite Ice Cream

The concert began at 8 and the kids were
all smiles and dancing!!

Then the band kept playing
and playing for 2 whole hours!!!

 The kids gave up and were wrapped
up in the blanket on my lap

And poor Cole asked many times...
"Are they done yet??"
 Which were my thoughts exactly!!!

Finally the Fireworks began....

I think this picture shows the fireworks
were well worth the wait!!

Happy Independence Day!!!!