Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ugliest kitchen!!

Saving the worst for last.

I have put off remodeling the kitchen because I knew 1. it would be the most expensive and 2. I dreaded what I was going to find underneath. I will NEVER, and yes I will say NEVER buy a house and say oh "all I have to do is just take the wallpaper off and paint"  UGH!!!  I'm using the trick of half fabric softner and half water to spray on the walls and scrape off. It's coming off with a lot of work and a lot of time. So if anybody has any other tricks, please share!!

Here is what we've been tolerating for the past year.  Lovely green stripes and paneling. Could it get worse than this...... oh yes.......... ( I fear what I will find under the panels)

When the green stripes were removed.
I found this lovely yellow flowered wallpaper!!
When the yellow flowered wallpaper was removed....

I found this lovely BRIGHT yellow painted wall.

How do you get HGTV in your home????????

I have only started on a little section by the deck doors.
I haven't even began the big wall.

The one good thing. When the kitchen is done, the inside is done YAY!!!!!
(of course then to the outside)

Monday, January 18, 2010

In the mood!

I haven't posted since a couple of days after Christmas because frankly I just haven't been in the mood.  We've been busy like everyone else with our day to day stuff and when I might have had a minute, blogging  just wasn't what I want to do.  So now as I'm listening to the kids have a sword fight. I thought I might sneak away to blog land!!

Here are a couple of things we've enjoyed the last couple of weeks..........

Cole had his first Christmas Preschool program.  He never talked about practicing, even when I asked. You would never find him walking around the house singing any songs. When it came the night of the program, he didn't even want to go. He said it was boring.  So we weren't expecting to see a whole lot. What a surprise we got.  He sang every song, did every dance and smiled the whole time. Looked far from being bored.  It was so funny and a joy to watch.

We attempted to take some family pictures!!!!
(Hopefully next time we can get one with all 4)

Cole and Lauren decorated their Christmas Tree.....

and I decorated mine!!

I loved this tree!!

Christmas morning!!
The smiles on their faces makes my heart smile!!

Mike had to work the night before Christmas so we were going to wait for him to come home. Mother nature had another plan and it sleeted and snowed so bad that he couldn't get his car out of the hospital parking lot. So he didn't make. It made it even worse that Santa had left the big presents in Mike's trunk. So the kids opened what was under the tree, but a sheet was put over some of Santa's presents and we told them Santa left some presents and was going to bring the rest tomorrow. Actually, they didn't seem to mind at all. Thank Goodness!!! Lessen learned!!!

Playing in the snow!!!

Even Blade loved the snow!!