Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Dancers

Lauren's dance class got to wear their costumes this week.
We were able to stay and watch them dance to Halloween songs.
The Whole Gang

I guess the little pirate wasn't very happy :)

I don't know what they were saying but they were all giggles!!

Hope everyone has a
Happy and Safe Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where's my coffee??

By 7:30 last night: Everyone fed, Baths done, Books read and tucked in bed!!! By 7:45 I was falling asleep on the couch so I thought what the heck and after setting my alarm my head was hitting the pillow at 7:58!!! A good nights sleep......Nope!

By Midnight I was wide awake. So I decided to go watch Dancing with The Stars and one of my new favs The Mentalist. I stopped by the kitchen for a little snack and yes I should have grabbed the banana but it was the cookies and milk instead!! I just remind myself that I should work out in the morning.

I headed back to bed a little before 2. As I was falling asleep I hear the sounds of little feet heading my way and open my eyes to find Colton ( which is unusual ) staring at me!

Hey Mommy, what are you doing???

I just pulled back the covers and let him climb in. He was so still and quite. I just knew he went right to sleep. WRONG!! Soon later I hear...

Mommy, is daddy sleeping?


Why you awake??

Because you're talking to me!! Go to sleep Colton


So I decide to roll over to find myself stuck in the middle, so it was more like a flip over and wondering why I didn't say yes to the king-size bed!!

So after awhile of Colton playing and singing. Back to his bed he went!!

While trying to quietly head back to bed. It happen........ I think I broke my little toe on the vacuum, which I was sure I put away earlier!! Trying to muffle my hurt and crawling back in bed. I get the lovely... What are you doing out there?? Nothing, I say go back to sleep. And, so he does!!!!

So I lay there thinking 3 more hours then I have to get up..
Now, 2 more hours then I have to get up..

When that alarm went off, I felt as if I was hit by a truck.......I need coffee!! Actually I drink more creamer than coffee, but anyway!!

So here is hoping that Colton takes a good nap today because mommy needs one!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Three of my friends from work and I decided we needed a little vacation. So Vegas it was!! We had so much fun and this time I left with a little money still in my wallet. Still not as much as I went out there with!! About 5 hours before we had to leave I hit a jackpot for $150!! Michelle kept my voucher for me or the slots probably would have gotten it right back.
Thanks Michelle!! I can't wait until our next trip!!

At the toy store in Caesars they had these HUGE dinosaurs. Colton would have loved them. Can you image being able to decorate your kids room with these big guys. They were only around $600!!!

The Excalibur. I love this one at night!!

My favorite ceiling

Pumpkin Painting

Our first year to paint the pumpkins. They really enjoyed painting and having grandma come over to help!! Colton actually covered his whole pumpkin. Then Lauren and Grandma decided it needed his name!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trying the Blog

I decided to try this whole blog thing!! You guys out there have some really neat sites and I enjoy checking them out. So I hope you will enjoy these also!!
So here is the month of October so far......

Lauren is 5
Colton is 3

We went to Big Spring Park a couple of weeks ago
they love to feed the fish and ducks.
After taking what seemed like 100 pictures
we finally got a few good ones!!
I can not get Colton to look and me and smile to save me life!!!!


Lauren getting warmed up for dance class.
They usually have closed class sessions but this
month Miss Charity let us sneak in
the last 10 minutes.
They are all so cute to watch.
I'm glad Lauren enjoys dancing.
Although....She thinks Miss Charity is the best dancer ever!!
I feel so lucky that a co-worker told me about her
studio. She's a great influence on Lauren!


We went home and attempted to paint them!!

I will have to post those later.
Plus I just got home a couple of days ago from a wonderful trip
to Vegas that was way to short!!
So I will have to get those pictures soon!!