Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not a whole lot going on!

It seems that we have been busy, but not a whole lot going on!
Had her Family Feast at school last Friday. My mom and dad went with me and Colton.
Colton had a lot of fun seeing and playing with all the kids.
When it was time to go get desserts, I think Lauren was probably the only one that asked if she could get more mashed potatoes and gravy first!!
Has just been playing and being a boy!!
We have been trying to potty train him for a while now, unsuccessfully.
He doesn't tell us when he has to go potty or even when he has gone potty, I know........ it doesn't sound like he is ready......He is doing pretty good about going pee-pee when I take him to the potty and staying dry between those times. But since he went poo 3 times the other day YES, I SAID 3 TIMES IN HIS BIG BOY UNDIES!!! We are using more pull-ups!!
I'm trying all the tricks with him. I guess instead of tricks it is just going to take time!!!
I will be so happy when it all clicks for him!!
I had to work all weekend.
It was busy and crazy all weekend. We had a good trauma every night.
I know, my mom still shakes her head when I say, "we had a great trauma last night"!!!
Friday Night
A family was stopped in the road to turn into their home when their car was hit from behind and shoved into oncoming traffic.
By the grace of god, no one was seriously injured. just broken bones and cuts and bruises.
Saturday Night
The lights went out in a neighborhood so they called Empire. Who thankfully responded quickly at 1 o'clock in the morning.
Only to find an 18 year old that took out an electric pole and ended up about a block off the road. He had a horrible head injury. I would be very surprised if he is still with us.
This was very sad and I felt for the mom and dad. And, thank god for getting me home when I was this age and thought I was invincible also!!
Don't Drink and Drive!!!!
The chaplain reminded us nothing Christian happens after 9 and nothing good happens after midnight. I had to laugh because I remember hearing the last one a couple times from good ole' dad.
Sunday Night
Right off bat, I mean I just finished counting the narcotics. To only receive.... a 27 year old with a self-inflicted gun-shot wound the face. I think the words, "Are you kidding me?" in some form came out of my mouth!!
This gets better...... the entry wound was under his jaw with an exit wound around the bridge of his nose... The only thing he did was break his jaw in two places and completely blow off his nose. If he was depressed before, just wait until he wakes up!!!
What was kind of funny, if there is anything funny... he was awake and alert and walked to the ambulance, saying I don't want to die!!
Well buddy, not this time.
What a weekend, I think I slept all day Monday. Lauren and I are going to do some Christmas shopping today before her dance class. Tonight is family night so we are excited to go watch her.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Third time the charm!!!!!

Mike's brother and sister-in-law went in for her 20 week ultrasound today.
Always saying a little prayer for a healthy baby, but I think this time he also was saying a little prayer and keeping his fingers crossed for a boy!!
And, so it shall be!!!

They have two adorable little girls, Olivia and Ava to welcome this little guy home.

We are so happy for you guys.

Here's to a healthy, happy baby boy!!!

Kung Fu Panda-Mania!!!

This was the first movie Mike and I ventured to take both kids to the theater to see. They did such a good job. Colton was on the edge of his seat the whole time (literally) we had to hold it down so it wouldn't flip him up in it!! So when it came out Saturday, of course we had to get it!! I think we may wear this out in record time. He only gets one movie a day, because he would watch it all day if I let him. He is a t.v. watcher. Had to set some limits there!! So different from Lauren! Anyway, for the last four days it has been ALL I have heard. "Can I watch Kung Fu Panda Pleassssse?" Colton is crazy about Kung Fu Panda!!

There has been nothing but Kung Fu going on at the house. I never knew Colton had such moves!! I was watching it with him today and made the mistake of nodding off on the couch......only to awake to Colton doing some Kung Fu move and landing right on top of me saying, "Mommy, did you see the mean tiger?" My mistake!!!

Colton and Lauren both enjoy this one! Really, the whole family does! It is so cute to hear them both in the living room laughing. Then of course 5 minutes later they will be Kung Fuing (is that a word??) each other and it will be a toss up between laughing or tears!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Halloween 2008We meant up with their cousins at Great-Grandma's house

Lauren started out saying she wanted to be a pumpkin fairy, so we got all that together, but when we went to get Colton's Spiderman costume. She so sweetly said, "Mom, I want to match Colton" How could I refuse!!
So here are my two Superheros!!!

Halloween was so much fun this year.
Colton was really into it and Lauren enjoyed showing him the ropes!!
As we arrived at one house two scary looking boys came out and Colton wasn't too sure about knocking on the doors after that. So he would stay back and let Lauren do the knocking. When the people would arrive at the door he would say, " you not scary" and up he went to check out the candy dish. They were good little treaters!! I can't wait until next year!!

Preschool Party

Lauren's Preschool had a fun party on Friday.
Some of her classmates!

My Superhero!!

Say Cheese!!

Getting ready to trick and treat the different offices.
I'm amazed how her teacher can get them all so still!!

The MckFamily

I finally figured out had to add the MckFamily link to my site!!!
I found this through a blog of a blog and have been addicted to it every since. I not ashamed to say so (apparently about 1 million other reader are also)
It is an amazing story about their newest addition and all the kids. I can't believe she has time to blog with all the little ones, but I'm glad she does! Also, She takes amazing pictures!!

I've laugh and cried and looked forward to seeing her blog. Which is kind of weird since I have no idea who she is!!!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!