Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Week

We have had our first full week of school. Cole started Kindergarten this year and Lauren is in 2nd grade.  Cole is getting use to the fact he has to go everyday, all day. We have told him this, but I guess it didn't sink in!! I have got questions all week....Mom, do I have to go to school tomorrow too? Mom, I only get 2 days off? Mom, how many more days do I have to go? Poor baby!!  Lauren is up and running. Grandma Clodaugh (Mike's mom) got Lauren an alarm clock and it is the best thing! She is up and out of bed when that goes off. She is usually dressed and coming to get me up!! This is so much better than having to DRAG her out of bed last year. She is like me and we are not morning people.

 Bulldog Pups

 He wanted to wear his jersey
 "to look like a real football player"
He was off and running!
No tears were shed today

Our newest four-legged addition

Meet Zoe !!

I thought I needed a puppy. I think it might have something to do with the fact my baby is starting kindergarten!

It is hard to get a good picture of her because she is just a black fur ball!!
Here is Zoe after her first appointment at the Pet Boutique!!

I'm trying extra hard with this housebreaking, the kenneling, the bell at the door. It is very frustrating!! Almost as frustrating as the high pitch yelp that comes out of this puppy!!

I'm not sure this was my smartest choice, we shall see

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Most Magical Place On Earth

I know in my last post I did a little summary about August, but I thought I would start blogging again from the beginning of August and try to play catch up over the next couple of days, so lets see how that goes!!

We started the first week of August going to Florida for our first real family vacation.  The night before we left Mike hurt his knee and couldn't put any weight on it. So I called my mom at 0300 the morning before the plane left and thankful she was in and off to Florida we went.

This vacation was all about Disney. Since it was our first. I thought it would just be easier to stay in a Disney resort and use their transportation and have fun at the theme parks.

The kids of course loved Magic Kingdom. Cole LOVED the race cars! Lauren (everyone) loved the fireworks and electrical parade. We had to go back to see it again the last night. It is amazing magical!!

There are soooooo many pictures and it was really hard to choose just a few...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gone to long!

Was it really February since my last post. My mother has reminded me frequently. So much has happen that I could have blogged about but I never seem to have the time and if I do have the time I don't feel like doing it.  Plus I have to admit Facebook has cut into alot of my blogging time!! So maybe a short review for now and pictures to come....Lets see

Started off with a sad note. Mike's grandmother passed away. So we flew out to Vegas and they had a very nice memorial service for her. It was a catholic service which was a first for me. I thought it was a really special service that I liked.

The 14th was my sister 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Stephanie.

As always the first weekend is the City Wide Garage Sale. Something that my sister, mom and I have done for many years.

Cole had his kindergarten screening and we found out that his eye sight in his right eye was 20/200. He has to wear a patch and has glasses now. He has done an awesome job and we are really proud of him.
His eye sight has improved. Once school starts he will only have to wear it when he is at home. Which he was VERY happy to hear. Hopefully in November we can do away with the patch.

The first of the month was busy getting ready for Lauren's dance recital.
A trip to St. Louis - Mike's mother spent the day with various dr. appts and Mike, me and the kids spent the day at the zoo.

Then May 22 a F5 tornado ripped through Joplin and changed everything. I will have to post on that a little later. I am now working out of a tent. We call it Mercy Mash, They call it a Mobile Medical Unit!

Was spent at the ballpark.
I coached Cole's tball team and I helped my BIL coach Lauren and Lexi's softball team.  It was so much fun and made the month fly by......

We headed to Branson for the 4th of July Fireworks and got rained out. That was okay because the next night our neighbors lit up the sky. They put on an impressive show. Although the next day they were burning all the boxes and missed some fireworks that went straight at our fence and just about caught it on fire. The grass right under it was smoking. I can't believe they even did that, it is so dry around here I'm really surprised the whole place did go up with all the fireworks the night before!!

Started with what was suppose to be our first real family vacation. But the night before Mike hurt his knee so my mom got a 0300 wake up call of me begging her to go the Florida with me and the kids. So thankful she said yes! So off we went to spend the week at Disney world.
Today I brought home a new puppy shih-poo. We named her Zoe and she is adorable.

Next week the kids have open house and school starts. Cole is heading off the Kindergarten *sigh*
They are both very excited. Buying supplies this year was like going on a scavenger hunt. Cole's kindergarten teacher wanted Elmer glue NON-WASHABLE. I didn't even know they made that! I was thinking that has to be a mistake.....a whole classroom of kindergartner's with non-washable glue!!!!!

So okay mom!!! There is your update. (like you didn't know all this was going on) and my promise to do better!!