Wednesday, December 29, 2010


December has gone by way to fast.....I have so many things to post about and pictures to get up, but I just don't want to!! So this post will go by about as fast as the month did....

Cole had a Christmas program. He did such a good job. Not a shy guy at all!! This is a picture of him and his BEST Friend Taye!! Ms. Kara says they are ALWAYS together!!
I'm not sure who the little girl in the green dress is (oh, cole just told me - Allison)
The expression on her face is priceless!!!

Lauren had a program as well, but instead of taking my
camera I just took the camcorder. Which worked
out okay because the little boy in front of her blocked
her totally with his reindeer ears!!

The Whole Gang
(my sister's and my kidos)
Fallon 11, Lauren 7, Alexa 6 and Colton 5

Stephanie brought the cookies so we
could play our version of
Minute to Win It!!
We raced eachother to see who
could get the cookie in their
mouth by only using facial motions!!
Cole received a Nerf Gun
He LOVES this!!
There are nerf bullets all over the house!!

Merry Christmas to your family
from ours ♥

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuesday Was the Big Day!!!

Friday Lauren came home from school and asked
if she could get her ears pierced.
She was all excited and ready to do it!!
We decided Tuesday would be the big day!!
So all weekend she was counting down the days!!

I picked her up from school and to the mall we headed.

She decided she wanted to go with her birthday stone
August = Peridot

She sat up there like a big girl with Claire Bear

The nice lady marked her ears.
Cole had to be right there to check this out!!

I would have like to shared more pictures........
When the nice lady started to bring the piercing gun thing towards Lauren.....She was out of there!!!
I have never seen a girl squirm out of a chair so fast!!
We left the mall with tears a flowing and no pierced ears!!