Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Popsicles and Prayers

I'm here wishing I could go back to sleep.....

so now I'm reading and blogging!!

Isn't it funny that no matter what age, when your feeling under the weather a little thing like a Popsicle is wonderful.

I went to the fridge and was disappointed when I found out we were out, then I saw them!!! Somehow the box had been moved to the very very bottom and shoved into place. I'm guessing a little sneaky 5 year old with her little stool had a little hand in this. I'm also finding out that no one else likes the orange or green ones!!

So here I am enjoying my orange one and leaving the green ones for the little sneaky 5 year old!!

Over the last couple of days Mckmama has been keeping everyone updated on little Stellan. I honestly do not know how his little heart can continue to keep this heart rate going.

From a mothers point it breaks my heart and I pray for this baby that I've never meant and their family. From a nurses point I continue to cringe everytime I read her post and none of these medicines are working. Babies little bodies can endure and tolerate better than adults on most things. It has always amazed me how they turn for the better so quickly although that is a double edged sword because when they crash, they also crash quickly. Honestly, the worse part of my job.

This is truely in gods hands, as is all. Please remember this little guy and his family in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Gross Little Man

I'm sure you are wondering how could I name this post My Gross Little Man??? After all this is my wonderful little 3 1/2 year old, who is the sweetest, most fun, little ball of energy, loves to tease his big sister and lines everything up!!

This morning while putting laundry away. I walked into Cole's room and could not believe how horrible it smelled. I figured he must have just been in there and pooped, but that, he denied and his pants were clean. After walking in there a couple of times the smell would not go away, so I called him in there.

"Cole did you poop in your room?"

"Just 4 poops!" he answered by holding up 4 little fingers!!

"What do you mean 4 poops??"

(He walked over and squatted by his bed and heater vent.) "See 4 poops" and he is pointing to 4 little poop balls that he had lined up by his heater vent.


"Oh, Colton Michael!! We don't,no,no!!!"

Of course Lauren had to check things out......"Look mom, he lines everything up even his poop!"

"Get me the Lysol, wipes, spray, everything!"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bubble bath for two!!!

Tonight I decided to let them take a bubble bath together
and they had so much fun.

Boys can take bubble baths
as long as they have their shark!!

He was not a happy camper when bath time was over.
I just had to laugh and of course grab the camera!!
Check out our potty chart!
He is doing so good!
(No bubble bath was used in the production of these bubbles.
Just good ole' baby shampoo)