Friday, May 28, 2010

Dance 2010

Lauren's Dance Recital was this last weekend. Always makes for a long day with rehearsals in the morning and this time the recital didn't start until 7:30 that night so it was a very long Saturday.  Lauren was excited, she loves to watch "the big girls" dance. Miss Sherry put on a wonderful show and all the girls did a great job.  This is Lauren's third year. I've enjoyed watching her grow.  This year she did Jazz, Tap and Ballet. This is the first year that I felt a little nervous for her. (I wondered if this is how my parents felt before my games???) Obviously for no reason....She smiled, was having fun and did a great job!

Lauren and MissElle

Miss Elle was her dance instructor this year!

This little Cowgirl Outfit was adorable!!
Poor Cole was so tired!!
Although, he had fun actually was a
 very good lil boy during the long recital.
We would often find him next to us dancing as well!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

has it really been a month

Times flies!! Has it really been over a month since my last post??  We've been busy with just our day to day things.  But looking forward to what is coming..... We are getting ready for Dance Recital time and T-ball time. T-ball should keep us busy this season. Both Lauren and Cole are playing.  I ended up coaching Cole's T-ball team.  A team of ten 3-4 year olds.  I'm not sure what I got myself into. Oh my!!!

Lauren just finished her first Volleyball/ Basketball Camp.  The high school coaches/players came to her school for 2 hours on Monday and Tuesday. She enjoyed it. I didn't get a chance to go watch :( 

Her asthma kicked in when I picked her up on Tuesday. I noticed she was having just a little trouble (not bad) I'm really hoping it wasn't from the activity. I really think it was the weather change.  Because it has lasted the last two days. With her....she coughs alot along with the wheezing.  It is either hot or cold, wet or dry and the pollen (need I say more).  I can always count on any change in the weather flaring up her asthma.  I'm still waiting for her to grow out of this!!!!!! So until then it's Claritin in the morning Singulair at night and inhalers as needed!!

Cole is just being Cole!! He is very much into Iron Man right now. Mike took him to the movies the other day. He LOVED it!!

In between the storms we are getting the house painted.  The painter has been prepping the house and I can't wait to see the end result!!

We are going to be celebrating a birthday this weekend. My niece Lexi is turning 6.

It's hard to believe Lauren has 1 week of school left. It's kind of sad. Kindergarten went by really fast!!!

And the rest..... I guess I will just have to start blogging about it!!

So hopefully I will do a better job of keeping this up-to-date!!!