Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our newest addition!!

We decided it was time to add a new member to our family

The Four-legged kind!!

So off to the local humane society we went!!
The kids very excited!!

Even though I was trying to remind them
we might not get a dog today
(yeah right)

A new humane society was just finished this
year and it is an amazing place
considering where they use to be!!

After looking and looking and looking.........

We all decided

on this playful little guy!!

Who is part catahoula leopard and part milkman!!
(maybe lab)

Such a unqiue looking dog.
Love his coat!!

He is very playful and
enjoys barking (ugh!!!)
And his entire head fits in Blade's mouth!!

Our first puppy Blade was such a quite puppy.

I remember we even talked about how
he rarely barked!!

Not so much the case with Simba!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

How do you hold a baby!!

Cole asked me to come into his room. Then he sweetly asked me, " Mom, how do you hold a baby? Can you show me." Of course I asked if I could take his picture!!
I thought awww how sweet!!

That lasted about 2 seconds or long enough for me to get two pictures.....

Then he informed me
That it was also a guitar and off he went!!

sweetness over and orneriness took over!!

Birthday Cookout!!

Last weekend Mike and I decided to have our families over for a good ole' summer cookout. It just happen to be my mom's birthday, my birthday and Mike birthday, even more a reason to have a party.

We tried out a new bakery


Mike tried out his new grill and did a great job!!

And I tried out my new camera!!
I'm tired of always lugging around my big Canon
So I decided to give this a try.
So far....So good.
I really like the fact that I can
carry it in my purse and have it
available whenever!!

No, my sister didn't have another baby....
This cute little guy belongs to Mike's brother.

All Almost all the cousins
(minus the 2 older boys and the youngest boy)
Kane found a perfect place
on the slip n slide