Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday Baby Girl!!
It's hard to believe that two days ago we celebrated Lauren turning 6!!
This year we had her party early before school started and it worked out great. She wanted to have it at the Flip Shop and it was a lot of fun. When we left she decided to quit dancing and start gymnastics. But I talked her into maybe just doing it in the summer when dancing is over!! whew.....she didn't seem to mind that idea!!
We went with a SpongeBob theme this year!!

It is a favorite around our house!!

Shayne, Lexi and Olivia having fun on the balance beams

Brooke and Lauren

Lexi on the long trampoline

Cole with Uncle John on the rope swing!!

Ava on the long trampoline

I love her expression!!

Brooke, Lauren and Fallon checking out the balance beams

Lauren just haning out!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our New Puppy

We have a new puppy in the house!!!

Meet Blade....
yes, the name was chosen by the boys in the house!!

Blade is Blue Heeler/Lab!

He was one of 11 pups!! All of the puppies were so wonderful. It was hard to pick. There was 4 that looked like Blade and the rest were white with tan spots or white with blacks spots. All were adorable. It was hard to leave with just one!!

Blade has been the best little puppy. Already house broken...well 98%. He has had a couple of accidents but they were really our accidents for not getting him out soon enough or not paying close enough attention!! He is not hyper at all (except for being a normal puppy) which is a complete 180 from the first dog Lilly that we had!! Lilly was a silky terrier that unfortunately didn't work out for us, but she did work out for the couple that took her and she is doing yeah for everyone!!!!

He is wonderful with the kids and that is a good thing because they love him and would smother him constantly, if we let them!!!

Cole..given some kisses

Cole trying to wait patiently for Blade to wake-up

This is one of his favorite places to take a nap.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of .......

We had a couple of "first" this week...

Lauren's First day of Kindergarten Orientation. We were able to go check out her classroom, meet her teacher, put away all her school supplies and decorate her cubby. She was very excited to see who was going to be in her class.

Lauren and her kindergarten teacher. She is so nice, which makes this "first" for us a lot easier!!Lauren running to the car on the first day of school. She was so excited there was no standing still for pictures on this day!! I let Lauren pick out whatever (sort of) she wanted to wear on the first day of school. It made her so happy to do that!
Lauren and one of her friends from Abundant Life, she was very happy to see that they were in the same class!!
I packed her lunch for the first day and when she came home I was surprised to find that she didn't touch the pudding or grapes that she had requested. After talking to her.....she was very upset that they did not bring her, her snack out of her lunch bag at snack time. That instead they gave her something else!! Bless her little heart. So I had to explain to her that everything in her lunch bag was for lunch and they give you a different snack later in the day. "oh, is that why they call it a lunch bag?". Then promptly asked if she could finish her lunch!!
After the second day of school....
Mom, you have to stop sending my lunch?
How come?
Because today everyone else had pizza and an ice cream push up, and I didn't!!
So we decided to start checking out the lunch menu!! Which kind of made me sad, isn't that what I'm suppose to do, pack a lunch for my girl!!
The first day the Lauren and Cole both leave for Kindergarten and Preschool.

Cole's first day of Preschool. After taking Lauren to school he was ready to get to his school!! He wanted to make sure that we were going to leave him and that we were going to go home!! He just walked right in and off he went.
His teacher said he had a great day. No nap today, but was quiet. I didn't realize they would be swimming on the first day so I didn't pack his trunks!! He let me know about it when we got home.
When I went to pick him up, I got the greatest hug and a big thanks!!
Thanks for picking me up mom, I missed you when I was here!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Last day of Preschool

Lauren's last day of preschool was Friday.
They had the parents come out and spend the afternoon with them.

First, we had a picnic outside. Lauren and her adorable friend Chloe.
They have been dancing and
going to school together for about 2 years.

After the picnic, we headed to the pool
to swim and play games.
The pool out there is really nice.
I wish I had taken Lauren out there more!!
Saving the best for last.
After swimming we went back to the classroom
for ice cream. Any kind you want and however
you wanted it. Yummmy!!!

Lauren's Preschool Class
Telling Ms. Esther goodbye!
Ms. Esther was wonderful and Lauren
enjoyed her so much.
Thank you Ms. Esther!!

Goodbye Preschool.............
Hello Kindergarten..............

Mine isn't the best??

Last night for dinner I thought I would switch it up a little, nothing exciting.... I made spaghetti but this time instead of putting hamburger meat in it, I put some of the Tyson grilled chicken chucks. I personally love chicken and pasta. We were about half way through when Cole decided to let his opinion be known.............

Mom, this spaghetti isn't the best!


This spaghetti mom, isn't the best!!

Well, who makes the best?

of course his answer was....Grandma does!! She doesn't put chicken in hers!!

Then of course Lauren chimes in..........yeah, I don't like this chicken!!

So, that was the end to that!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Scooby Dooby Doo - Happy 4th Birthday to You!!

Saturday we celebrated Cole's 4th Birthday Scooby Doo style , even though the big day is Wednesday! We had his party at the Kangaroo Gym. He absolutely loves this place. It was really hard for him to sit in the room and enjoy donuts and open his presents, because he was so excited to be going out into the gym area.
We had the party in the morning so instead of cake, we had donuts!!

Finally....Let the jumping begin.............

Whew...momma needed a break!!

And so did Miss Taylor!!

Cole hangin with Ava....

Cole sure did miss his boy cousins :) Jake and Zack!! He asked about you guys and I know he is looking forward to see you soon!!