Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Has anyone seen my baby??

I guess I have to face up to the fact that there isn't a "baby" in the house anymore. (Although, some days I have a couple of big kids that might act that way!!) While watching Cole run around with his big sister and cousins I thought, WOW, he is getting big. Where has the time gone. He can't possibly be turning 4 in a few months. Tonight when I was getting him ready for bed I held him and said, "Cole you're getting so big, your not a baby anymore" (sigh, sigh) And, he replied with....." No, I'm your puppy dog" and then proceeded to lick the side of my face!!

In case you haven't had enough of Cole.... I took a couple of pictures this evening. I love the color of these pictures and of course the little man in them!!It is ALMOST time to get rid of those curls for the summer!! Always a hard thing to do! But he's looking a little shaggy!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

preschool graduation

YMCA Preschool Graduation

This is Lauren Olivia Clark:
Her favorite thing to do at preschool is....going outside
Her favorite song is.....rock around the christmas tree
and when she grows up she wants to be a Cheerleader!!

We had a class that wanted to be cheerleaders,
princesses, teachers, firemen, batman and
one little boy that wanted to be a ghost!!

me and my big girl!!

Lauren and Shayne

Lauren, Lili, Kelsy and Shayne

It was a fun night. I was a little worried when the tears started when I was just reading the program!! But I got it together and made it through tear free!! Barely, when they played the country song, Let them be little, that is just the sweetest!! Thank goodness because I forgot my Kleenex!! They sang a few songs... the YMCA of course and had a slide show that everyone got a copy of !! Then we went back to the room for refreshments. It was a nice little evening.
I can't believe my little girl is headed to kindergarten!!
Lauren, Please slow down!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009


The ticker is gone and we are heading out!!
Please say a little prayer for a safe trip. Talk to you all soon!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Having fun with cousins

Yesterday we went to visit Mike's brother and sister-in-law, their two little girls and the new baby boy!! The kids always have so much fun. Lauren and Olivia pair off and do their thing and that leaves Cole and Ava, who are really cute to watch !! Kane is such a good baby, who slept through all the noise of 4 loud kids. There were a few tears, no injuries and lots of yelling and fun!!

Olivia, Ava, Cole and Lauren with Kane
Watch out Kane! I have a feeling these two are trouble!!
Ava and Kane
Doesn't Kane looked thrill that Cole is showing him the duck!!
Dressing up is always fun!
Awww sweet babies!!
Okay, he may be 3 1/2 but he's my baby!!