Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School Week

We have had our first full week of school. Cole started Kindergarten this year and Lauren is in 2nd grade.  Cole is getting use to the fact he has to go everyday, all day. We have told him this, but I guess it didn't sink in!! I have got questions all week....Mom, do I have to go to school tomorrow too? Mom, I only get 2 days off? Mom, how many more days do I have to go? Poor baby!!  Lauren is up and running. Grandma Clodaugh (Mike's mom) got Lauren an alarm clock and it is the best thing! She is up and out of bed when that goes off. She is usually dressed and coming to get me up!! This is so much better than having to DRAG her out of bed last year. She is like me and we are not morning people.

 Bulldog Pups

 He wanted to wear his jersey
 "to look like a real football player"
He was off and running!
No tears were shed today

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